Why Your Boiler May Be Failing

Why Your Boiler May Be Failing

When your boiler is working flawlessly you can feel the warmth after around 15 minutes. For certain issues you can check them yourselves and even fix them. However, some problems with your boiler require expert assistance and Plumbers in London can put you in contact with a Gas Safe registered engineer in Surrey. For now, read on for reasons why your boiler may be failing.

No Power

If your boiler appears off and has no power there may be several reasons. Boilers only require a small quantity of electricity to ignite so this could be due to a circuit overload, a power outage in the wider area or simply that the thermostat settings have been altered. 

Lack Of Gas

For gas to reach your boiler requires an efficient gas valve so check if that’s working, if it’s damaged this may prevent gas from entering the chamber. Also check that the gas supply has not been turned off. 

Faulty Diverter Valve

Occasionally, the boiler may be working fine yet the hot water may be diverted away from the central heating system. This is usually down to a faulty diverter valve which can stick and would need cleaning or replacing. As this can occur over time you should contact us as this may be an indication that you require a Boiler Replacement.

Flame Failure

Your boiler’s pilot light is crucial to ensuring your central heating system functions as it ignites the gas which then heats the water. No pilot light, no heating. Usually this is down to debris surrounding the light yet could also be due to a faulty thermocouple or even a draught. You should also look out for the colour of the pilot light, it should be blue but if it is yellow or orange you need to turn off the boiler immediately and call a Gas Safe engineer as this indicates the presence of carbon monoxide.

Faulty Boiler Burner

A functioning boiler will burn gas which in turn produces carbon dioxide, this can eventually build-up if the boiler burner becomes faulty. Resolving this forms part of your Boiler Servicing and a Gas Safe engineer can remove the carbon build-up then replace the burner. 

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