What Are The Causes For A Blocked Toilet?

What Are The Causes For A Blocked Toilet

There are several causes for a blocked toilet but not all of them call for an emergency plumber. If you do need expert help in drain unblocking then Plumbers in London would be happy to help though, thankfully, the causes for a clogged toilet are relatively easy to spot and prevent. 

Blockage Build Up

There are certain products which can get lodged in a drain meaning that you may be forced to call out a plumber to fix the toilet. For instance, cotton wool pads absorb water and expand meaning that they may seem innocuous at first but over time they can eventually cause a blockage. Similarly, nappies are large enough to cause an immediate blockage and even baby wipes can get stuck and require a toilet unblocking.

Tissue Creating A Blocked Toilet

Certain tissues are thicker and less likely to be degradable in a drain. Excessive amounts of this unsuitable tissue being flushed down the toilet can combine with hair and result in a blocked toilet meaning you may have to call out a same day plumber.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Products such as sanitary napkins, tampons and pantyliners are also unsuitable to be flushed down the toilet and should be dispensed elsewhere. 

Toys and Food

While toys and food are obviously unsuitable to be flushed down the toilet, that may not be clear to children. Teaching your children how to use the toilet should prevent them from trying to flush down action figures and food. 

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