Ways To Fix Your Boiler Before Calling An Engineer

Ways To Fix Your Boiler Before Calling An Engineer

Before you call out for a boiler repair there are certain DIY fixes you can try to rectify the problem. Here are four ways to fix your boiler before calling an engineer.

Re-pressurise Your Boiler

If the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler is below one then it needs to be re-pressurised. Ensure the boiler is off then find it’s filling loop, usually at the bottom of the unit. Check that the ends of the hose are attached to the valves, open them up and you should hear water filling up the system. When the pressure indicator hits 1.5, close the valves and switch the boiler back on.

Reset Your Boiler

Before you consider a new boiler installation there is a simple mantra to recall; if in doubt, turn it off then back on. Find the boiler’s reset button (you may need to dig out the manual) then push it for ten seconds. Allow for a few minutes and the boiler should begin working again. If not, try it again.

Bleed Your Radiators

Check which radiators aren’t warm when you have the heating on then turn off the heating and let the radiators cool. Use a radiator key and attach it to the valve then turn the key anti-clockwise. You should hear a hissing sound which is the trapped air and gas escaping. Once the hissing stops, close the valves. If this fails, you may need to contact heating specialists in Surrey and consider a powerflush to rid the radiators of debris or even installing new radiators.

Change Your Thermostat Batteries

Occasionally, the heating may be on yet the thermostat says otherwise. If so, consider replacing the batteries. First, remove the thermostat from the wall and find the battery slots which are usually at the back then replace the batteries. Most thermostats require two AA or AAA batteries and, once replaced, fix the thermostat back to the wall..

If any of these problems continue to persist then contact Plumbers in London for heating engineers in Surrey.

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