Top Tips For Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project

Tips For Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project

There are several things to consider for your bathroom renovation project. The cost is obviously of paramount importance as are the fittings, flooring, storage and lighting. Here are some top tips to think about.

Consider Costs

Think about bathroom plumbing and shower installation, whether you’re updating or remodelling and the level of luxury you desire. The materials are also important as well as the details including lighting and how the bathroom is heated. The cost of labour is also crucial, you could perform some DIY or contact a plumber and heating engineer in Surrey though you may also need a builder, tiler and an electrician. 

Planning The Bathroom Renovation

Ensure you can mark out where all the features of your renovation go including the sink and drain plumbing then agree the layout with your contractors. Work out the project schedule and empty the bathroom in good time. Also, confirm where you will go when your bathroom is being renovated.

Choose Complementing Fittings

If you want a traditional or modern design buy fittings that stick to that design scheme and the rest of your home. Also, for your bathroom installation consider who’s going to use it and whether the fittings are appropriate.  

The Right Flooring

Whichever variety you go for, it has to be durable, waterproof and non-slip.

Bathroom Lighting

The more natural light, the better either by widening the windows you have or installing new ones or ceiling solar tubes. Illuminated mirrors and LED lights in the floor can also increase the brightness.

Bathroom Storage

Vanity units under the sink are a good way of saving space as are multiple shelves and cupboards behind mirrors. 

Eco-friendly Options

Consider a low flow toilet and low flow taps or even a motion sensor tap which only turns on when your hands or toothbrush are under it.

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