Top Plumbing Tips For Your Home Move

Top Plumbing Tips For Your Home Move

When you decide to move home there are several things to consider in your new house, including the plumbing. From the pipes to the water pressure, the boiler to the water supply itself. If you are considering moving home then Plumbers in London can help make sure that the plumbing works seamlessly.

What To Check Before You Move

There are certain plumbing features you can check prior to your move. One of the most important is whether or not there is a water meter which monitors the water use. If not then you should expect a charge from the local water company who usually expect advanced payment. The pipes should also be considered, especially whether there is any lead piping as you may want to replace them to avoid lead entering your water supply. 

Which Appliances You Should Check

Take the time to check the taps and radiators for leaks which could indicate low water pressure or even blockages. If the water pressure is low then get in touch with the local water company who can provide pressure and flow measurements which you can use to determine whether the issue is with the mains pipes or specific to your new home. 

There are legal requirements associated with your boiler, specifically with the service history and whether or not it has a Gas Safe certificate of installation. If you need any Boiler Repair or Boiler Maintenance work then let us know. You should also check if you can find the internal stop tap which is where your water supply can be turned off or on. This can be important if you are looking to have some plumbing work done and you need to be able to access it easily in a water emergency. For a house that has been vacant for a period of time, the local water authority may have turned off the water supply at the mains in which case you would need to contact them to restore it. 

If you are considering a home move and need a professional to look at the plumbing then contact us for local plumbers in Surrey.

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