Tips to Prevent Frequent Drain and Sewer Blockage Issues

Tips to Prevent Frequent Drain and Sewer Blockage Issues

Having blocked drains or sewers can be stressful. As important as drain clearing is, care and maintenance is vital in ensuring that excess water and waste is disposed effectively. Plumbers in London can offer same day unblocking in Surrey yet there are ways to prevent your sewer and drain getting blocked in the first place.

Don’t Drop Unsuitable Objects Into Your Toilet And Kitchen Sink

Certain objects do not break nor dissolve in water which include wipes and female hygiene towels. While you may think that fat, grease, leftover food particles and soap scum are fine going down the kitchen sink drain such substances cling to the walls of drainage pipes which will eventually block them. 

Remove Foreign Material From Your Blocked Drains 

Objects such as gardening debris, leaves, paint and stones can easily find their way into your drain so remove them before you need your drain unblocking. 

Check Your Tree Roots Before Drain Clearing

Over time, the roots of large trees and their leaves can find their way into your drain. Once the roots get in, they can grow and damage then block the surrounding pipe. Contact one of our plumbers in Surrey to take a look if you think a tree root could prove troublesome.

Maintain Your Pipes Over Winter

Water expands when frozen and during winter water can freeze in your pipes. While the pipes may only be partially blocked, if this repeats annually it can strain the pipes and may even result in permanent damage.

Continual Maintenance

Wear and tear is a common cause of piping faults so regular checking and proper maintenance over time should reduce the amount of blockages and need for drain clearing.

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