Simple Boiler Maintenance Tips

Simple Boiler Maintenance Tips

Repairing and replacing your boiler is not only costly but an inefficient boiler will likely cost you in the long run. Plumbers in London can help so here are some simple boiler maintenance tips we’d recommend.

Annual Boiler Service

A professional annual boiler service should prevent breakdowns and maximise its lifespan as well as its efficiency. This should prevent you from having to pay for a new boiler installation before you have to. 

Correct Boiler Pressure

The correct boiler pressure is usually between 1 and 2 bars to circulate hot water around the pipes into radiators.

Bleed Your Radiators Annually

Bleeding your radiators will release trapped pockets of air that can result in cold patches and stop your radiator from fully heating up. 

Balance Your Radiators

Ensuring the radiators further from the boiler are as warm as the ones closest is a little trickier than bleeding them yet should mean your home is evenly heated.

Even Out Your Radiator Heat Distribution

Over time, debris can settle at the bottom of your radiator meaning a hot top though it’ll be cooler at the bottom. Contact us for boiler repair in Surrey to perform a powerflush. 

Check For A Blue Boiler Flame

If the flame isn’t blue but orange or yellow you should contact Surrey boiler services immediately as that could be a carbon monoxide leak. 

Keep Your Boiler Well Ventilated

Ensure a minimum gap of 700mm between the boiler and the wall or any other obstruction to maintain efficiency. 

An Accessible Flue

The flue is a piece of pipework that moves gases and hot air from the combustion chamber of the boiler to outside your home. They must be accessible and visible so that cracks or even loose joints are seen. 

Lagged Pipes

Prior to winter, lag your external pipes to prevent them from freezing and this may be the difference in having to call out for boiler installation companies in Surrey.

Do Not Attempt To Repair A Boiler Yourself

Contact a boiler repair service in Surrey as only Gas Safe registered engineers are legally allowed to work with gas appliances. 

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