Renovating A Bathroom: How To Design The Perfect Space

How To Design The Perfect Space

Bathroom renovation should be something to mull over, especially at the design stage. No matter the size there are several things to consider including the layout, whether to remodel or update and the cost.

Choosing The Layout

Every bathroom needs some essentials including the sink and drain plumbing, window, toilet and, of course, the door. The next step is working out where all that goes and marking it down. Now is the time to work on the details for the bathroom installation; twin sinks, more storage, wall hung units, a free standing bath or another shower. 

Remodel or Update

Remodelling means simply creating a bigger space by moving features around while ensuring the plumbing still performs. Bathroom plumbing can be difficult so contact a plumber in Surrey to discuss where to relocate the pipework if you need to. Updating your bathroom can create a more functional configuration from underfloor heating to storage shelves. An update can also mean a new colour scheme.

The Cost Of Renovating A Bathroom

Though prices differ based on certain requirements and the size of the project, the average cost of a new bathroom starts from around £3,000. However, if you had the time and expertise you could do some DIY to reduce the costs. If you did need to remove your old bathroom then install a new one you should consider a plumber who would cost around £1,000. If you are updating your bathroom with some new tiles then a tiler would cost between £350 and £800.

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