Plumbing Tips For Winter

Plumbing Tips For Winter

As we approach the colder months your plumbing becomes extra important. Making sure that your pipes, drains and gutters are in good working order is vital so you can remain cosy in your home. Read on for some plumbing tips to get you through winter.

Pipe Insulation

Prevention is certainly better than cure with burst pipes as these can damage furniture and even harm the structure of your home. An effective measure is to wrap pipes in a foam tube to keep them warm then wrap around duct tape to secure them in place. Should you encounter burst pipes then contact us for emergency plumbers in Surrey.

Keep Your Drains And Gutters Clear

Whether your drains and gutters are blocked from household waste or debris left outside, they should be regularly cleared. This is especially important in winter as we can be tempted to pour grease down the drains after a big roast dinner or after the Christmas gathering. If clearing is not regularly maintained this can build-up then block or even damage drains and gutters as it combines with ice in freezing temperatures. Look at installing gutter guards as an extra safe measure to prevent blockages.

Drain And Disconnect Hoses

During summer you may be using the outdoor hose quite often only to leave it outside. That’s fine yet when winter comes you should disconnect it from the outdoor tap and put it away. You will also want to ensure that your outdoor taps work effectively which means shutting off any valves that use it.  

Plumbers in London are at hand if you need any emergency plumbers in Surrey.

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