Noisy Pipes – Causes And Solutions

Noisy Pipes - Causes And Solutions

If your pipes are noisy then help is at hand and Plumbers in London can look at silencing them. There can be several reasons why your pipes are noisy, from loose fittings to water pressure and blockages. Knowing what to look out for can make a difference and there are simple solutions before they escalate into bigger problems. 

Pipe Blockages

If you hear a rattling in your pipes this is likely the result of sludge build-up causing wear and tear in your central heating system. Should you require a Pipe Replacement contact us for plumbers in Surrey. 

High Water Pressure

The water pressure in your central heating system should be from 1 to 1.5 bar, should it be higher this will force water through your pipes resulting in noise. Not only can this damage your pipes and lead to leaks, your appliances will be overworked too. If you have a meter, check the water pressure and adjust the regulator. If you do not, we can arrange for a plumber to check your central heating system

Water Hammers

A water hammer is the noise of a thud or bang within your pipework which could potentially cause damage. This usually occurs when air chambers fail and allow water in, the noise is the sound of the water hitting valves. This can be solved by ensuring the air supply is restored to the chambers. First, turn off the mains water supply in your home then drain the water from your system and turn the water supply back on.  

Copper Pipes

While copper pipes are common, their malleability also means that they expand then contract with the temperature. One of the ways of identifying the cause of noisy pipes is to work out whether it occurs after using hot water. If it does, your copper pipes may well be the cause due to their expansion against joints and brackets. You should not worry about this as the copper pipes will naturally contract though you can insulate your pipework with foam rubber or lower the hot water temperature. 

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