Maintenance Tips For Your Home Heating System

Maintenance Tips For Your Home Heating System

The central heating system in your home should be well looked after so when the colder months arrive it works flawlessly. Not only will an efficient system keep you cosy in winter but also combat allergens and poor air quality. Read on for some simple tips to ensure that your home heating system works for you.

Regularly Replace The Air Filters

Over time, your air filters will be catching dust and allergens and we would recommend that these get replaced monthly to ensure high air quality. Not only should you notice cleaner air, you will also reduce the potential harm to anyone in your home that has respiratory issues or allergies.

Keep Your Air Ducts Clear

In order to ensure that your heating system is working effectively, you will need to ensure that the air ducts are clear. You may be able to spot hair or animal fur yet to fully clean them may mean contacting a professional duct cleaning company.

Maintain Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump becomes a vital part of your central heating system in winter. This is why it’s important to check for any damage or fault so it can be looked at in good time and Plumbers in London are at hand to look into it. Check for consistent air flow in the return air and check for visible dirt or surrounding debris around the heat pump and the outdoor coils.

Check Your Radiators 

You should bleed your radiators as preparation for winter to check that the heating is distributed evenly. If there is still trapped air or blockages, contact us for a Radiator Flushing or Radiator Replacement. If it has been a while since your radiators were looked at then we can arrange for a Radiator Servicing in Surrey.

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