Kitchen Renovation Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Kitchen renovation can be stressful yet help is at hand. Plan it properly and you should be able to avoid making some common mistakes.

Inadequate Kitchen Layout

Take the time to consider the layout of your kitchen and measure appliances like the oven, fridge and sink then mark out where they will fit. After that, predict where the cupboard doors will swing out, where the plug sockets will go and whether you want built-in storage space. Then think about where to put essential equipment like bins and cleaning equipment. Finally, have your plans checked by a kitchen designer before you begin and contact a local plumber to fit a kitchen sink if you are planning to.

Incorrect Kitchen Plumbing

As long as this is simply a kitchen renovation, you need not worry about a kitchen plumbing installation. However, if you are moving the sink, washing machine and dishwasher consider contacting a plumber in Surrey.  

Lack Of Lighting

Ensuring abundant lighting in your kitchen is crucial and there are three types to consider.

Overhead for general lighting, spot lighting for specific areas such as over the sink and kitchen island then accent lighting to highlight the well designed features in your kitchen. Insist on long-lasting LED bulbs to save money in the long run. 

Insufficient Budget

Work out which aspects of the kitchen matter the most and set aside a budget for it accordingly. The units will take up a large proportion of your funds though remember how much time you will spend in your new kitchen once it’s finished.

No Plan For Feeding The Family

This should be an obvious one. During the renovation your kitchen will be out of bounds and you will need to work out how to feed the family. Plan for how long the renovation is due to last then add a bit longer just in case. You could replicate your kitchen with the main appliances such as a countertop oven, microwave, toaster and kettle as these won’t take up too much space. Buy some disposable plates, bowls and cutlery to save on washing up, order the odd takeaway or even turn on the barbeque in summer. 

Before you renovate your kitchen contact Plumbers in London to ensure you avoid any mistakes.

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