How To Unblock A Toilet Without Using A Plunger

How To Unblock A Toilet Without Using A Plunger

There is probably a plunger in your house and for a clogged sink or blocked toilet it is your go-to tool. However, there are other methods to unblocking a toilet effectively and hygienically without calling a same day plumber. With the below methods you can also contact Plumbers in London should you need further assistance in keeping your drains running smoothly.

Manage The Overflowing Water

Pull up the floater to avoid filling the toilet bowl and shut off all water valves should the water pressure be high. This should drop the water level and prevent soiling your clothes or spreading germs throughout your bathroom.

Remove The Blockage In A Blocked Toilet

Don a pair of rubber gloves then locate the blockage, if it is visible simply pull it out. If not, check if the water chamber is full and if the blockage is on the soil pipe which you can empty using a specialised drain rod or even a hanger.

Use Boiling Water

If your toilet is draining slowly, drain the water in the bowl until the water level is low. Add a cup of soda crystals to one to two litres of boiling water then pour it down the toilet. Let the solution sit in the toilet and wait for it to unblock which can take up to an hour. The water should have drained to the bottom and you can add more boiling water for an even more effective result.

Use Coca Cola

That’s right, the popular drink contains acidic ingredients that can break down several types of toilet clogs meaning you do not have to arrange for an emergency plumber. Simply remove the excess water from your toilet bowl, slowly pour in two litres of coca cola then let it sit for three hours at least. Far easier than calling out a plumber to fix the toilet.

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