How To Unblock A Drain Using Caustic Soda

How To Unblock A Drain Using Caustic Soda

There are certain chemical based solutions to removing the debris in your blocked drains, which can include hair, food particles and heavy grease. One of these chemical agents is caustic soda and while you can speak to an expert at Plumbers in London here’s some tips on how to use it to unblock your drain.

Use Caustic Soda On Organic Materials

Caustic soda, or to give it its chemical name, sodium hydroxide, is known as a corrosive  substance which works especially well on organic materials such as dirt, food and hair. The substance can be dissolved in water which is one reason why it works so well on blocked drains. 

Where To Buy Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is available as a powder or liquid for drain unblocking and can be found in most hardware stores.

How To Use Caustic Soda For Drain Unblocking

To use for blocked drains, dilute 750ml (three cups) of caustic soda in three litres of cold water in a bucket. Use a wooden spoon to mix together and you should see a bit of fizz as it combines. Pour the solution straight down the blocked drain and let it sit for half an hour. Using the same bucket, flush the drain with four litres of boiled water. If the block persists, you can repeat the steps or call one of our plumbers for same day drain unblocking in Surrey

Considerations For Using Caustic Soda 

Though useful for blocked drains there are some health and safety considerations for using caustic soda. As a corrosive substance, direct contact can create a burning sensation as well as swelling in the eyes and skin, even vision impairment. When ingested, this can lead to chemical burns, gastrointestinal ulceration and even death. You should also wear protective equipment when using it for drain unblocking.

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