How To Unblock A Clogged Shower Drain?

How To Unblock A Clogged Shower Drain

We all want our bathrooms to be hygienic and smelling fresh but that requires regular care. Without it, mishandling and lack of maintenance of your shower drain can result in needing your drain unblocking. Plumbers in London can offer same day drain unblocking in Surrey yet if you prefer your shower drain to be clean and unclogged there are some tips for drain clearing and those that can prevent it happening. 

Don’t Throw Solid Wastes Down The Shower

Human hair is almost non-degradable so when it goes into the shower drain it is likely to stay there. As the shower is continually used a blockage can build up in the pipeline from shower essentials such as soup scum or skin flakes. 

Maintain Your Pipeline Or Upgrade It

If you have a low-quality pipeline and neglect to take proper care of it the rusts can result in blocked drains. A low water strength can also mean that wastes remain in the pipeline. Ensuring a heavy, strong water passing should force those wastes through.

Use Natural Cleaning Methods For Drain Unblocking

One such method is pouring baking soda down blocked drains followed by double the amount of boiling water. Pour some more baking soda down the drain with one or two cups of vinegar and this combination should naturally dissolute the clogs thus unblocking the drain.

Consider Chemical And Forceful Means For Blocked Drains

If there is likely to be heavy grease in the pipeline then chemical liquids should be used to dissolute the build up and eventually get rid of the blockage. There is also the compressed air method which employ power and force to rid the drain of hard waste. Similarly, jet sprays can be used as well as drain rods to remove solid waste from the pipeline.

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