How To Prevent Pipe And Drain Blockages

How To Prevent Pipe And Drain Blockages

Treat your pipes well and they will last longer which means ensuring that only certain substances go down the drain. Many pipe and drain blockages are the result of unsuitable substances and items being dropped down sinks and toilets. Put simply, you should be careful what you put down the drain, here’s what to look out for. 

What To Avoid Putting Down Pipes And Drains

Prevention is better than cure so knowing what not to put down your sink and toilet is important. To avoid having to pay to get your broken plumbing fixed avoid pouring fats, oils and grease down the sink. While they may be liquids and it may be tempting after a big dinner to simply allow it through the sinkhole, over time these liquids solidify and can block the pipe. Instead, wait until any fat, oil and grease can be safely deposited in the bin as solids and then wipe down greasy plates and pans with kitchen paper. It should be obvious but food waste and scraps should also be put in the bin so that it does not result in blocked drains.

Your bathroom is also important to consider for your pipes and drains. One simple measure is removing the hair in your sink, shower and bath to prevent a buildup clogging up your u-bends. This is because hair combines with soap deposits so use a hair catcher over each plug hole. You should also dispose of cotton buds, condoms, plasters, bandages, baby wipes, razor blades and tampons in a bin as these can also block your pipes. 

If you do require a Drain Clearance or Drain Unblocking then contact Plumbers in London.

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