How To Get Rid of Smelly Drains

How To Get Rid of Smelly Drains

A clear and clean drainage system should be unnoticeable. However, when drains get blocked all those substances that you put down your kitchen sink and bathroom drain can accumulate and even rot resulting in smelly drains and require drain unblocking. Unused drains and untreated sewer gas leaks over time can smell foul. Then there’s mould and mildew which can build up in a leaking pipe. Plumbers in London can remedy this with our same day drain unblocking in Surrey yet there are ways of ensuring your drain remains in tip top condition.

Remove The Bacteria Then Clean Your Blocked Drains

The first step towards solving your blocked drain is to remove the rotting, bacteria-ridden material and the foul smell should go with it. After that, the next step should be drain unblocking itself. Boiling water should be enough though hot water with bleach and vinegar mixed with baking soda and boiling water poured down the drain should kill the bacteria and remove that smell.

Keep The Sewer Taps Filled With Water

When sewer gas rises up it can create an odour. To prevent this you need to keep the taps filled with water and ensure that the wasted water keeps running through the pipes

Maintain The Heat Through Your Water Heater

Just the sulfate concentration in water can cause your drain to smell foul. This is mainly caused by water heater issues so turn the heat more and that should, not only, kill the bacteria, but remedy the sulfate concentration.

Replace Broken Drains

If your drain is broken, get it fixed with one of our plumbers in Surrey. Moulds and mildew can build up on a leaking drain and only an expert would be able to solve it, usually by replacing the drains. 

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