How To Fix An Overflowing Toilet

How To Fix An Overflowing Toilet

Having an overflowing toilet is an urgent and serious incident for any household. There’s the danger of the water overflow itself, the bacteria it contains, intoxication from the fumes and even electrocution. Should the problem persist you should contact an emergency plumber at Plumbers in London for toilet overflow repair though there are methods to fix it.

Stop The Water Flow

Before you call out a same day plumber to fix the toilet, stop the water flow by shutting off the valve on the supply line or turning off the main supply line itself. After that you can investigate why the overflow has happened. 

Take Immediate Action For Toilet Overflow Repair

Find out the cause of the overflowing toilet then repair it. The cause could be nappies, sanitary products, wipes and paper towels which can clog a toilet bowl or toilet trap. Removing them will help though you should also check if the drain pipes or sanitary sewer are clogged too then get them repaired. 

Use A Toilet Plunger

To force the clogged items out of the toilet bowl and into the drain, use the plunger in an up and down motion to create pressure. This should prove effective to dislodge the items resulting in the water level dropping as the drain clears.

Use Chemical Solutions 

Dishwashing liquid can be poured into the toilet bowl to break up the clog. Alternatively, use bleach as a corrosive agent to break down the material that’s blocking the toilet. You should also use bleach regularly to keep the toilet in good condition.

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