How To Change A Kitchen Sink

How To Change A Kitchen Sink

A new Kitchen Sink Installation should not be a daunting task. If you fancy performing some DIY then this should be relatively straightforward if you have the right tools. Should you have any queries or issues then contact us for plumbers in Surrey yet if you are fairly confident then read on. 

Preparing The Area

Clear out the area under the sink to gain clear access to the pipe connectors then turn off the water supply at the isolating valve of the pipe supply system. If your system does not have isolation valves then turn off the water supply at the main stopcock then check the taps. Before you disconnect the tap from the mains water supply you will need to know which pipe connections you have. If these are standard then loosen up the screw that connects the pipe to the joint, if these are flexible then unfasten the nuts where these join the mains pipe or isolating valves. 

There should be a nut that attaches the tap to the surface, loosen that while holding the tap. Once you can pull out the flexible hoses, clean up any residue from the open mains pipe connections and on the mounting surface. If your new tap is an individual pilar or a bridge combination apply around five layers of PTFE tape in a clockwise direction to the lower threads of the mains connection. 

Fitting In Your New Kitchen Tap 

Ensure that the mains connection hoses are attached then feed them through the hole you made for your original tap. Screw in the retaining nut then secure that with some pliers. Once the new kitchen tap is secure you can reconnect the mains supply. Start the threads and make sure they do not cross then tighten them but not too much. Now you can begin on the connector nuts which you can screw into the mains pipe connections or isolating valves and tighten again. With everything in place and securely fixed you can turn on the water supply. Just to make sure your sink plumbing job has been successful, turn the taps and check the hoses for leaks. Should you have any queries or need assistance then Plumbers in London are at hand.

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