Five Easy And Natural Ways To Unblock A Kitchen Sink

Five Easy And Natural Ways To Unblock A Kitchen Sink

Blocked kitchen sinks are a common plumbing issue. Whether it is leftover food particles or heavy grease creating the blockage, there are several easy and natural ways to unblock it. In this article we will look at five.

Baking Soda 

Pour a full kettle’s worth of boiling water down the kitchen sink then tip in around 100g of baking soda followed by a mixture of 250ml boiling water and 250ml vinegar. Cover the sink hole and leave for ten minutes before flushing it out with another kettle of boiling water.

Caustic Soda

Failing the baking soda method, go for some caustic soda which is available in most hardware stores though you will need to wear some rubber gloves. Mix around three litres of cold water with 450g of caustic soda then pour it down the sink and leave for half an hour. Flush through with boiling water.

A Metal Hanger

A metal coat hanger can push through or pull out whatever is causing the sink to be clogged. First, unbend the coat hanger to a long metal rod and the hook can be used to push or pull the materials until the pipes are free of debris and waste materials.

Sink Repair By Cleaning The Trap

This is probably the most complex means of sink repair and may require a same day plumber. Unscrew the cap under the sink which keeps the trap locked in place. However, before detaching it, place a bucket underneath in order to catch any water. Once the trap is removed, clear the lodged materials and screw it back in place tightly.

Use A Plunger

This method does not even require a plumber to fix the sink. Place the plunger over the sink to create that vacuum and complete the plunge motion at least ten times.

Should the sink drain still remain blocked you can call an emergency plumber at Plumbers in London 

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