Consider Your Boiler When You Go On Holiday

Consider Your Boiler When You Go On Holiday

If you are planning a holiday, especially in winter, consider your boiler while you are away to give you that extra peace of mind. You may have an old and temperamental boiler, a new one that has not been serviced for years or you may be concerned about your energy bill. Read on for guidance on whether you should turn off your boiler or leave it on when you go on holiday.  

How To Look After Your Boiler When You Go On Holiday

If you are going on holiday in winter then keep the boiler on to a low temperature to avoid the pipework freezing or even bursting. The temperature can be monitored by your thermostat and keeping it between 15°C and 18°C degrees should be cost-efficient. If you have a modern unit you may even be able to control the heating remotely in line with the changing temperatures outside or use the antifreeze setting. You could also set a timer so that your boiler fires at a certain time in the day, ideally in the evening, to ensure the pipework does not freeze. Remember that you should consider Boiler Maintenance to ensure that your boiler is working effectively on an annual basis, Plumbers in London are at hand to check to perform those checks. 

Should I Leave The Boiler On While On Holiday?

Short answer, yes. The potential costs of a Boiler Repair or Boiler Replacement as soon as you return from holiday far outweigh the costs of simply keeping your boiler on at a low temperature. However, if you are worried about your boiler then contact us for a Boiler Servicing by a Gas Safe engineer. Ideally, this should be arranged before the colder months so any issues can be fixed before they escalate and you can relax in the warmth of your home knowing your boiler is working effectively.  

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