Common Mistakes People Make With Their Thermostat

Common Mistakes People Make With Their Thermostat

We all want to control our heating system and a thermostat provides that. However, a lot of people misuse their thermostat which means losing energy efficiency and the temperature accuracy for your home may prove misleading. Here are some of the common mistakes to look out for so you keep your heating bills down while keeping the temperature just how you like it.

The Wrong Temperature Setting

Getting the temperature just right in your home can be a tricky business. You may have to balance your radiators and note that the temperature may differ away from the thermostat. Consider the ideal temperature for the living room then turn on the heating, this should be at least 18°C in winter. Set the radiator valve to a comfortable level and set the valves in the other rooms one level lower. If you still require advice then contact heating specialists in Surrey. You should also have the door closed on unused rooms and set the radiators to the lowest level. 

Having The Heating On Constantly

After coming in from the cold most people turn up the thermostat without realising that the thermostat sets the final temperature for your home, it does not control how quickly the home heats up. Turning up the thermostat beyond this comfortable temperature overheats the house. Also, having the heating on constantly wastes energy and could result in requiring a boiler repair. You should lower the temperature when you are out and programmable thermostats are ideal to ensure your home is efficiently warm and the heating is lower when you do not need it.

No Setback Temperature

Having the heating off can increase the risk of damp, mould growth and even burst pipes should they freeze. Use a setback temperature for when you are out so even though the heating will be off it won’t drop too far if you stay out for longer. The ideal starting point is around 16°C as it should only take about an hour to reach 21°C, you can always put on a jumper until then. If you have a smart thermostat they can calculate the ideal temperature in your home when you’re out then activate for your return.
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