Common Boiler Problems To Look Out For

Common Boiler Problems

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home, especially during winter. An annual service is recommended to ensure that your current system is operating to peak efficiency. Issues can occur before that so recognising them goes some way to making sure your boiler is in tip-top condition to keep your home cosy in winter. Ensure you know the telltale signs to look out for and contact Plumbers in London so we can get you in touch with a Gas Safe engineer.  

Lack Of Heating And Hot Water

Any drop in boiler performance should be a concern and can be due to low water levels, airlocks, valve failure or even a faulty thermostat. Check that the pilot light is burning blue and the thermostat is correctly set if you have an electric boiler. 

Unreliable Pilot Light

Should the pilot light keep turning itself off this might mean that the boiler itself is not functioning efficiently. Check if the thermocouple is faulty as this may hinder the gas supply resulting in the pilot light blowing out. 

Low Boiler Pressure

Low boiler pressure may prevent your central heating system from functioning at all. This could be due to a leak in your central heating system or damage to the pressure relief valve. If no leak can be found you should attempt to re-pressurise the boiler. 

Leaks Or Drips

You should also look for leaks if the boiler pressure is low. If you can find one contact us to arrange a Gas Safe engineer to look into it as this could be due to corrosion inside the boiler or a broken component in which case you may require Boiler Repair or even Boiler Replacement.  

Banging/Whistling Noises

Over time, limescale or sludge can build up in your system, affecting your boiler’s efficiency and blocking water flow. If the water is blocked it can overheat and produce banging or whistling noises, also known as ‘kettling’, which can result in needing to replace the boiler sooner than anticipated. Boiler Servicing is one step to ensure that this issue does not occur.

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